In 2030 Middlesbrough will be 200 years old, to celebrate this I have began working on a series of portraits of people from the town. This long term project will be a photographic social document representing a wide selection of people from Middlesbrough.


Part of the project will focus on people born in Middlesbrough. If you were born in the town then these are the guidelines for being involved in the project.

1: You should be born and live, or have lived, in Middlesbrough.

Because of the lack of real investment in the area from consecutive governments many people feel the need to move away to advance their prospects of work and/or career. This obviously has a domino effect on the local economy and the development of homegrown talent.

2: You need to supply a handwritten note about your personal recollections of  life in the town.

Two hundred years ago there were no mobile phones to text or internet to send email, communication was either by conversation or letter writing. I want to reflect this by using handwritten thoughts or recollections from the people photographed.


The HOMETOWN project will also focus on people who were born in another town, city or country and who now call Middlesbrough their home.

1: You were born in another town, city or country but now view Middlesbrough as your hometown.

Middlesbrough has a long history of people moving to the town for work and for social or political reason. The shipyards and docks brought many nationalities to Middlesbrough. The steel industry attracted vast numbers of people from neighbouring towns and cities looking for work. The town has also seen various multicultural communities build lives and start families. In more recent years Middlesbrough has helped asylum seekers and immigrants to start new lives in the town.

2: As above,  you need to supply a handwritten note about your personal recollections of your life in the town.


For more info and to be involved please email me at info@hynesphotography.co.uk


See you in 12 years…




 04 February 2018


05 February 2018
John Beals letter 2


06 February 2018
steve p
27 January 2018


bill fellows 2

31 January 2018

4 thoughts on “Hometown

  1. I would really like to be involved in this project I was born in Carter Bequest hospital in 1975 spent my formative years living in Ayresome (I attended Ayresome school and its where my parents still live), I now live in Pally Park with my partner of 22 years and our 2 children.
    I used to be a big boro fan attending almost every home game from 1986 to them leaving Ayresome Park but stopped going regularly when they moved to the riverside.
    After finishing an elecyrical apprenticeship I bounced around from low pay to low pay job until an injury playing sunday league football led to getting involved in performing, something which is now my primary income source having performed the last 3 summer seasons at Flamingoland and winter season on the Polar Express/Train to Christmastown
    My Son is the first member of our family to go to university studying computer sciences and my daughter is studying for a career in health and social care
    If you would like any information please dont hesitate to contact me

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